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My FiL came to visit

Thankfully, it was while I was at work on Wednesday.

Mr Ivriniel and his Dad went to the coffee shop across the street. My FiL looked around, announced “nope” and turned around and walked out.

The reason?

The shop is “communist”.


They serve fair trade coffee.

That’s right, in his mind, growers coming together to get the best price for their product, is communist.


They ended up at the bakery down the street.

Another gem from their meeting: According to my FiL, to clear up the clutter in our place, Mr. I should just start dumping anything that he doesn’t what it is into black garbage bags and put it out on the curb while I am at work.

Gee, I wonder why my MiL ever left him?

This is also extremely rich coming from a man who couldn’t bare to throw with a set of encyclopedias from the 1970's, that he doesn’t want anymore and grumbled when the local library wouldn’t accept it as a donation.


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