It was meh. I did see the new Avengers though, which was awesome despite meh 3d. Since no one has seen it yet I won’t bother to talk about the movie (it’s fun, go see it).

I’m half blind (not like, blind-blind, but legally blind and there is not a corrective lens on earth that can help that eye very much). So back in the days of red/green 3d glasses, I couldn’t see for shit. Ever since the newer 3d trend, I have been kind of afraid to waste money in case 3d still doesn’t work on my eyes. We won tickets to Avengers tonight, and it was 3d, so we said Fuck It.

Fuck it, indeed. It was slightly blurry - but I think that is coming from the fact that even my real life experience isn’t in 3d, really, so my vision, as usual, was off balance which is not very good for 3d. But I don’t know if it’s always a little less clear for everyone.


I don’t think the following is a result of my eyesight, though, so I want to ask about this because I just don’t get the hype:

I didn’t get anything out of the 3d experience. If anything, it made people look like CGI (when they weren’t), and I had trouble tracking/focusing. Like I was always focusing on the wrong thing in a scene. I didn’t feel more “in” the scene, I didn’t feel more excited about anything. As soon as my vision adjusted to it, I pretty much flat out forgot it was even happening. What was the point?!

I caught myself mega squinting a few time to the point that I was hurt. This might be an eyesight thing, or was it just because I was focused on 3d scenery and not the main characters? It seems like just poorly executed 3d, maybe.

Whenever there was a depth of field technique being used (blurry things up front), they looked like cardboard cutouts.



In conclusion, even though 3d “works” on me, I will not be bothering with it again, I think.