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My first chiropractor visit ever...

I was reminded of this by the post by McCoy's Mistress


A few years ago I started have very bad TMJ issues. Pain and loud snaps. Really upsetting and annoying. So I was bitching about it at work (cause that's what I do) and a co-worker suggested his chiropractor because he had helped this co-worker's issues with it. If I wasn't in such pain I would have thought about this suggestion a little more because this co-worker is all about "natural" cures and is an anti-vaccer (even though he and his family travel all over the world) and won't eat or drink out of anything plastic or styrofoam and multiple other strange things. But I didn't think and made an appointment.

So the guy works out of an add-on to his garage and he lives in one of the better parts of town. The "office" is nice and clinical but there sure are a lot of vitamins and supplements lined up for sale. I fill out the new patient sheet and wait.


They guy comes in and, I SHIT YOU NOT, first thing out of his mouth "You know what is causing your TMJ issues? Gluten" Now this guy had not seen or talked to me nor had he read all the information I just put down. I should have walked out right then but dammit I was desperate.

We go in and I get on the table and as he starts all these strange adjustments he starts talking about the evils of sugar and gluten and vaccines. And I figure by the time it is all done he will have to do some adjustment to get my eyes unstuck from the back of their sockets.


He makes me hold out my arm and resist and he pushes down. Then he does some of what he does and then we repeat and I can resist better and he is all self satisfied. After he does all his "magic" he then closes the blinds and turns off the light so that it gets a little darker and says that all the adjustments he did in the light he now has to do IN THE DARK! No I had never visited a chiro but I know people who have and I had never heard of that shit. So we do it all again and then I pay him $150 for the lecture about how I need to lose weight (WAHH NO I HAD NO IDEA) and all his "doctors are E-VIL" bs.

And nothing he did even helped the issue for which I saw him.


Edited to add: after this I made a dentist appointment. Got a mouth guard I had to wear 24 hours a day for about 4 months, had to have weekly adjustments to guard but then NO PAIN! It has replaced my grind guard at night and everything is fine.

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