Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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My first day back on OKC has not been horrible.

No terrible emails. No dick pics. Lots of "hi's" "hola princess," etc. And one email from a guy who I talked to before, but doesn't remember me. I rate everyone 4 stars because I don't care enough to sort through profiles.

I feel very different about it this time around. I really don't care about meeting anyone. I meet a lot of people doing stuff I like, and I'm happy with that. I might have actually rooted out my issues with online dating in therapy, because I don't have any resentment, attachment or expectations about it. It's just a thing to do. Maybe because I have other ways to socialize and meet people it doesn't feel so dire. Or maybe it's because it's been 24 hours and it takes time for the freaks to run up their flags.


I'll probably last a week.

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