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My first franken!

A few months ago, I was at Ulta, perusing their nail polishes. In an effort to get me out the door faster, my husband showed me two polishes: OPI - A Woman's Prague-ative and OPI - Black Cherry Chutney.

One was a vampy plum with some shimmer, and the other was an orangish-bronze glass-fleck. I decided to play along, since I did like how they looked in the bottle.


A few weeks later, I got around to swatching them and... wow. I hated them both. Black Cherry completely lost all shimmer unless you were in direct light, and without the shimmer, it turned into a rather listless off-black. Prague was way, way lighter on the nail. It was crazy shimmery, but the yellowish orange looked horrid with my skin.

I was really put out, since I hate having a polish hanging around that I can't wear, and now I had two duds. They had such potential! If only I could mix them...

Oh wait! I can!

I ordered a frankening set off of Etsy, then got to mixing. I went with 50% of each polish, which ended up being just about perfect.


The result was a polish that was a slightly lightened plum with bronze glass fleck throughout. Success! I had saved two duds by making a glorious offspring!


How does it look on? Pretty fab! It keeps its shimmer in high and low light, but is dark enough to look good with my yellow skin tone (sorry for the crap clean-up, but I was getting impatient).


The only issue it seems to have is dragging. This was cured by patience and a third coat. Now all I need is a name for it!

I think frankening could become a serious obsession with me. I have more jars, and a ton of raw material.

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