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My first grade teacher from Hell or at least Heck

I do not have a lot of stand out memories of grade school but first grade stands out. She was a nun and my least fav ever. Circa 1972.

A. Just minor but she always used the term lavoratory instead of bathroom. Took us a while to figure out what she meant. I still have zero clue why she never said “who needs to go to the bathroom” instead she used lavoratory.

B. Ok I admit neatness and I are not close buddies. She once had me stand up and she tipped my desk over sending papers and books everywhere. I burst in tears. Thankfully the bell rang and we had buses to catch. She cleaned the mess she made.


C. She gave us Elmers Glue a plastic container to each of us AND scissors. I still think we were too young for either. Anyways this was the first time these were in my hands. I recall glue smelled nice but not edible. The little hole tiny drops came out. I thought more would be better so I unscrewed the top. Glue got on my hands, desk top, floor and amazingly to the sides of table.

Guess who was angry? Me for being given something I had no clue what it was or the teacher who should have taught us and more importantly said “under no circumstances do you unscrew the cover”. Well she was

Well my mother recently told me this teacher called my mother up after this glue incident and asked her if her son, me, ever used glue and scissors before. Obviously my mother said no.

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