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I remember months ago when I got my puppy, I posted about how I take her to the dog park every night (and I still do). Some people warned me that this could be dangerous. I have not had any issues and Hazel absolutely loves it. I go late when there are only a few dogs in the park and I know all of the owners that go at the time, so its a great situation.

The park itself is huge and well kept, with AstroTurf covering most of the running space.


Yesterday, I went earlier and the park was very crowded. I was sitting chatting with some other owners and watching Hazel run around with dogs muchhhh bigger than her, because she really holds her own. There were also two little puppies in the park. One was a little yellow lab retriever who was probably three or four months old. Suddenly, this giannnnntttt pit mix (maybe mixed with a great dane) grabbed the puppy by its neck and shook. Then he took the puppy down and completely locked his jaw on the puppy’s neck. The puppy was obviously screaming. It was horrible.  

I (stupidly) ran over with another woman and we started trying to pry the dog’s mouth open. Four people were trying to pull him off. It happened so quickly. We got the dog away from the puppy for a second and then he lunged and got the puppy by the face. Again we managed to get him away.

I think the puppy will be okay. However, he was punctured on his face and on his gums and was bleeding quite a lot. He was also in shock and shaking.

I actually knew the pit mix because he was in Hazel’s obedience class. He behaves very poorly but I had NO idea he could be aggressive like that.


The worst part was someone went and got the pit owner’s telephone number from her and she lied and tried to say that she was just walking the dog for a friend and didn’t know much about the dog. Because I knew this dog, I knew this was not the case.

It was such a horrible situation and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m just chiming in that now I see how horrific dog parks can be and everyone really needs to be watching their dog very closely if they choose to take them to the park.


I bought Hazel wayyyy too many toys on the way home from the park.

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