I can post now! Hooray! I have been kind of obsessed with GT lately, especially the past few weeks because I have not been working and don't really know what to do with myself. I have thought of several things I would post about if I could, so naturally now that I can, I cannot remember any of them!

I have had many conversations on GT about Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and am a total Whedon fangirl), so I dedicate this first post to Joss. Here are three short Joss related things that have been going on lately:

1. I saw Much Ado About Nothing this weekend and this was the marquee:

I thought some of you might appreciate this as much as I did.

2. Mr. Peachy was watching the episode of the Colbert Report that he was on recently while I was making dinner tonight. When I heard that Joss was the guest, I jumped up and down and started clapping. Mr. Peachy thinks I am insane.

3. I have been rewatching The Office on Netflix and just got to the episode Joss directed: