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My first post in bed

I final,y got wifi today. I found at Goodwill a Belkin n150 for a dollar and fifty cents. I set it up with my laptop and voila works upstairs. Experimenting here on my Nook HD tablet. I was dependent on wifi in stores before which meant downloading took days nowhopefully no more. During the day I use my smart tv which isplugged into the router and not on wifi. On my smart tv I could do one link or pic at a time but now no more. Actually pics seem easy have no clue how to cut and paste yet. So here is a gif and my wallpaper which I change a lot Recently I discovered gothic pictures and fell in love with this style. I first discovered them in a jigsaw puzzle gsme on google play called Gothic Jigsaw of 100 pics. Would love to know the artists. To me pics like this poses questions who did she lose in the battle, her wings are black yet her sword has a cross so a redeemed fallen angel or does wing color matter not. Flying were not her legs cold? Anyone else like this genre of pics? What's your wallpaper?

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