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My first post...is a long, whining dump ETA:With Update

So, I sat down to type this up, either to beg someone with posting privileges to share, or to post a link to in tomorrow's Hump Day, Dump Day I noticed I actually have posting privileges now! Yay! I'm not sure if this happened a while ago (in which case, I feel reeeeealy silly for posting on the authorship post today) or if it just happened. Anyway, I'm not sure of the etiquette of having your first post be a rambling whine, but here it goes.

Some background info: When I was nearly 15, my mom and dad divorced and my mom got immediately remarried.

Relevant point 1: There was a 2 week time frame to go from my mom, dad, and I living together with no mention of divorce, to my (now)stepdad moving in while my dad was still trying to find a place to move out. One day, my mom said she was in contact with an old flame and they might get together when I was an adult and had a family of my own. Every day or two, she'd bump the time frame up a little until he showed up and moved in. No one told me he had moved in, I had to ask my dad.


Relevant point 2: At the very beginning of all this, my mom told me not to tell anyone what was happening. I get it, it was a small town and she didn't want a bunch of gossip before she had straightened out what was going on. The problem is that she never reversed this. I assumed I couldn't tell anyone even when my friends were asking "Who was that guy with your mom at the Homecoming parade?" As you can imagine, it was very isolating for me, and led to some bad stuff, like self-harm, to try to get attention.

Despite this, my mom was a great parent for the first 15ish years of my life, so we've moved past this and have a close relationship.

On Friday, she e-mailed me (from a new, secret email account, previously she shared one with stepdad) asking to set up a bank account in my name for her to deposit money into (my stepdad has been retired for 6 months, and is blowing through their savings and making big ticket purchases without even talking to her). Yesterday, she emailed me and told me she's been looking at a town at in my area (she currently lives about 1000 miles away), but told me "don't freak out, I'm just dreaming here." Today when I woke up, she had posted links to a bunch of houses in my area on my Facebook.

So basically, I'm freaking out. Because of relevant point 1, I feel like I should be ready if she shows up in town tomorrow. Also, I'm not sure how many people she wants to know about this. From what I gather, a move down here would be a move without stepdad.


So, I'm not sure what my goal was with this post. Just to get it off my chest, I guess. And if you made it all the way to the end of this long, rambling whine—Thanks!

ETA:So a quick update/complete timeline starting last Thursday (2/26):

Thursday:Mom has been living in SD for 6 months in a cabin she has been talking about for 5 years (those 5 years were spent living abroad for stepdad's job, she spent the whole time pining for SD and how she couldn't wait to get there and live there for the rest of her life)


Friday:Emails me to ask me to set up bank account (secret from stepdad) for her

Monday:Emails me pictures of houses in my area ("but don't freak out, I'm just dreaming). Also, late Monday night/Tuesday morning shares a bunch links to houses in my area on Facebook. Some captions imply these are for me, other captions say they are for her.


Wednesday:An old family friend asks if she's moving to TX. She replies "someday, when I'm old to be near Sehjma." Late Wednesday night I talk to her (I hadn't seen the reply on Facebook yet) and she tells me they are moving to TX to be near me. I reiterate to her that I might not live here forever. I just started a PhD program, so I'll be here 4 more years for sure, but after that, I have no idea. She reacts as though this is a complete surprise though I have mentioned before that SehjMan would like to move.

Thursday:Texts me "realtor just left!" I call her, and she tells me they are planning to move here ASAP. On Thursday, they had a handyman out to make repairs, realtor out to look at the house, and started to get preapproved for a loan.


Importantly, she does have a sister in the area, so even if I moved away, she'd still have family here.

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