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Welcome To The Bitchery

My First Step

I don’t know if this will do anything. But I can’t just sit down, do nothing, and hope things will change. I feel very strongly about the Affordable Care Act and how it has helped people, and I hate that the GOP is talking about killing it so cavalierly. I know so many people who are worried about losing their health insurance due to their income and/or pre-existing conditions.

This morning, I wrote an e-mail to my (Republican) congressman via his website. I told him I am very concerned about Speaker Ryan (and others) talking about repealing the ACA. I told him that, in spite of its flaws, it has helped a great many people acquire insurance and have better access to health care (like me. Due to my income I’ve had to be on Medi-Cal, and it’s a relief to have something, even if it’s not a lot). I even put in a little quip borrowed slightly from our new President-elect that a healthy society would go a long way in helping to ‘Make America Great Again’. I asked him to oppose repealing the ACA; if the GOP does plan to repeal it, I then asked that he, Speaker Ryan, and the rest of the legislature work on implementing a replacement that may mitigate the harm repealing the ACA would do.


Maybe it’s a useless thing, in the end. But I couldn’t just be quiet and wish I could speak up about it.

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