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My first subscription box :)

A couple of months ago I inexplicably did a complete 180 and started giving myself manicures after a lifetime of biting my nails down to nothing. My nails have grown, my cuticles are intact for basically the first time ever, and I figured a nail polish subscription would make sense. I'd been wanting to try this subscription box thing and since I have basically no polishes I figure I won't be getting any dupes for a while. I ended up going with Square Hue, which I admit is kind of a splurge at $20/month— that gets you three full-sized polishes and includes shipping. Every month the colors are based on a different theme; for a while the themes have centered on locations (Tokyo, New York, Miami, Paris, etc.), but starting next month they will be inspired by different historical decades starting with the 1900s, which could be cool.

This month's theme was Rovaniemi, Finland, supposedly the home of Santa (so says Wikipedia), so obviously we're talking holiday colors. The box came today, which was a pleasant surprise considering that they say the boxes ship on the first of the month. Here are the three colors: a dark green with what they labeled as a suede finish (I hadn't seen that before), a gold textured microglitter, and a gorgeous bright red microglitter with a glossy finish. (The image below is one coat of each, pretend you don't see the lint on my pants!)

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I'm pretty happy with this splurge so far; the red and gold are absolutely things I would have chosen myself, and both of them have a nice texture and really good coverage with just one coat. The green is my least favorite; it's kind of thick and hard to work with and I'm not sure I'm crazy about the suede finish. I'm actually wearing it now with a glossy top coat, which brings out a really subtle glitter that isn't very noticeable otherwise, and I think I will get some use out of it despite the drawbacks.


I feel like this is a time of year when I want to buy stuff (gee, I wonder why!), even though I am mostly able to resist non-essential purchases during the rest of the year. So I am hoping that knowing I have this treat coming will keep me out of the store, where I can easily end up spending more than I intend.

What about you all? Have you treated yourselves to anything fun lately?

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