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My first tattoo

Hi GT! I know quite a few of you have tattoos so I'm looking for some advice...I am getting my first tattoo tomorrow after work. I booked the appointment in July and the artist is so busy (and awesome) that this is the soonest session I could get. It's going to be quite large, two three-hour sessions plus some touch-up work. It's on my upper back.

The studio is about an hour away and my husband is on a trip until later in the week, so I'll be driving myself and going alone. It's kind of a rough neighborhood in an unfamiliar part of town. It's just me and lots of critters at home right now. I've never gotten a tattoo before, as I already mentioned.

Am I going to die? Is this a terrible idea? I don't think I can reschedule at this point.

On the plus side, I am still really excited for my tattoo. The design is something that I plan to add to and make into a piece covering most of my back. The design itself is very meaningful to me and I love the idea of having this awesome part of me that expresses my inner self and that's kind of like my little secret, that I choose to show when I want to. Is that a weird way to feel about a tattoo?


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