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My First Waxing

Hello ladies.

So I know that hair removal has always been a messy topic in these parts, with many fighting tooth and nail for their position. On one side, you have the natural girls that let their hair grow free. The most extreme in this camp have even said that bush-less genitalia looks like those belonging to prepubescent tweens.


In the pro-removal camp, hygiene is often cited as a motivating factor for hairless nether regions.

For me, I'm just lazy. With curly hair. And sensitive skin. My logic was pretty much "don't bother her and she won't curse me with painful ingrown hairs." I never had a reason to think about hair removal that involved more than my legs or pits, so me and my bush became happy friends. I grew to love it. It was soft and glossy, not too thick, but thick enough to provide adequate covered.

And then I met a guy who politely asked me to get rid of her. He broached the topic gently, saying that there were certain things that he would like to do to my special place and he would enjoy it more if the forest was cleared. And I balked. I replied that I have never had anyone make such a request and that the fun bits he should concentrate on were naturally hairless. He said his request was practical, not political, but the choice was mine.

Did I mention that he had already removed his pubic hair? And that I yelled, "You manscape?!" in dismay when I saw his hairless area?


So I could either stick to my guns and keep my wonderful bush or I could try something new and get some head. So ladies, I chose head.

To those of you who are waxing pros, you probably know what I am about to write. To those who are virgins in this area, guuuuuurrrrl, there are so many emotions.


My friend recommended a place (after she laughed heartily at me since we had discussed my love of my bush many times) and I booked their earliest appointment. They told me not to shave or trim since there was a good chance I would cut the hair too low for the wax to grip.

The woman who violently ripped away my friend was a lovely young woman who was kind and as gentle as one can be. And it still hurt like a motherfucker! I mean, the first strip hurt so bad that I started to laugh. The pain was so shocking it was either laugh or scream. But that wasn't too bad. What really, really, really hurts is when they go for the lips. The labia major. It honestly felt like they were going to be ripped right off. To get a slight feel for what I am talking about, gently pull at the hair in that area next time you're alone. And then imagine that sensation, sped up and multiplied.


Afterwards, the area was sore and stinging. But nothing too bad. My friend, who went with me asked if I felt sticky from the left over wax and I said I think the woman was able to get it all.

I was wrong.

We rode our bikes and I think the pressure combined with my body heat caused the wax remnants to melt again. When we got off and tried to walk, I felt tugging in that area and yelled, "there's still wax!" A woman walked by right at that moment and laughed at me. I'm sure she knew what I meant.


In the evening, I presented my new, bald lady to my male friend who was so excited, he actually sent me a smiley face right before my appointment.

Good God, the head was fucking amazing!!!!!!!! Oh. My. God. This is why people subject themselves to such torture. I actually screamed, "It was fucking worth it" when his head was buried between my legs. You can feel EVERYTHING. And his skills definitely lived up to the hype.


So I guess I'm a convert. And me and my bush will be reunited in the event that this relationship ends. But until then.....the place gave me card where my 10th wax is free and I have every intention of getting that freeby.

Almost forgot to mention that I sort of get off on pain and having such intense, pleasurable feelings to associate with such a painful act will probably make waxing even more enjoyable.

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