Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It's a long story. I had just gotten out of the shower this morning when I decided to do some straightening up. This included grabbing a bottle of Kahlua that had been left on the coffee table(yeah, we're drunks, big deal) by what I thought was the tightly secured cap.

Well, it wasn't tightly secured. One of us, I'm not going to say who but it was my idiot boyfriend, did not securely tighten the cap and so all I did was lift the bottle into the air before it fell down onto the floor, spilling dark brown coffee liqueur everywhere. I cleaned it up in a rush before dressing hastily and rushing out the door to work. Somehow I missed that I'd gotten the stuff on my left foot. How I missed this as I was putting on socks is a mystery for the ages but still a fact of my increasingly ridiculous reality. Here I am, at my desk, acutely aware of the fact that there is dried and sticky Kahlua on my left foot. It is gross and I can feel the bottom of my sticky foot sticking to my sock when I move and I have texted my boyfriend about this and he apparently thinks it is very funny which was not entirely what I was looking for(that being contrition for his slovenliness, sympathy for my predicament and various promises to make it up to me)


Fuck you, Friday. Enjoy your weekend GTers.

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