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I am a freezer-hoarder. At times there's been so much stuff in it that there is no room for actual freezer stuff like ice cubes and ice cream.

This is partly because I'm a singleton and like to cook, so there are containers of stock, homemade tomato sauce and single servings of soup and casseroles. But no lie, its partly because I keep shit around past the time it should be there (ask me about BF/FB sometimes. Actually, maybe don't). So there is stuff shoved in there because I didn't get around to cooking it and its going to go bad.

In any case, I've decided I need to eat down some of this stuff, so today I had entirely from the freezer: a black pepper burger on a potato roll with carmelized onion, bacon and slow roasted tomatoes.


What was I saving that shit for!?!

What's in your freezer?

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