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My friend has to give up her dog because her parents are divorcing (it's a mess of a situation). She doesn't want to but she herself doesn't have a place to stay so she can't take care of him the way she wants him to.

The thing is: he's getting old and he's large. He's a 100-lb German-shepherd who is about 7 yrs old. He has minor hip problems when he's cold but otherwise he's super healthy.

And they're having trouble finding a new home for him. Because he's too old, because his hips are bad. If I lived in a place that allowed dogs, I'd move him to DC with me. But I can't.


Does anyone here know anyone who wants a super sweet, beautiful, lovely, silly, just-wants-some-skritches German-Shepherd? His name is Gunny (as in gunnery sergeant). He is honestly one of the sweetest, most obedient dogs I've ever met and he will repay your kindness with all the love and loyalty in his big doggie heart. He likes avocados even though they're not supposed to be good for dogs. Butt skritches are his favorite kind, and he sighs in his sleep (which is super cute).

Please signal boost? And quick - he might have to go to the pound in a matter of a couple weeks! I'm happy to answer any questions about him (or put you in touch with my friend). It breaks my heart that he will have to be separated from his family but...at the very least I want to help him find a good home!

If anyone's interested, let me know at plentyofpaperjez@gmail.com!


(see? He was an unwilling participant in my GISHWHES hunt and he put up with us dressing him up!)

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