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My friend is awesome.

So Noisey wrote something about Philly's punk scene and included two of the bands that one of my best friends is in which is super cool. Not super cool? The shitty tone of the article in regards to Philly and it's residents by referring to Philadelphians as "GED mouthbreathers" and "an entire population of high school drop outs". HAHAHAH SO FUNNY! I guess they didn't realize that the person they were featuring twice works for the Philly school system and was not happy with the crappy classism of the article.

they are also seemingly ignorant considering the circumstances these people face and the abominable state the Philadelphia education system is in: 23 schools have closed and around 4,000 layoffs, including teachers and counselors, have occurred in the past year. This isn't funny to me. This is fucking awful.

She rules! Also, you should listen to her bands, Radiator Hospital and Heavy Bangs!


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