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She's created drama for herself for forever and a day but I've only just started noticing it now. Before I thought she was telling the absolute truth about everything but the more I dig, the less truth I find.

It was most obvious with this guy she's recently been seeing. He told her that he was seeing his parents who flew in from another state one weekend. They were staying with him, they were going to church/having dinner/they hadn't seen him in months. He made it very clear that he and my friend weren't going to go out that weekend.

She proceeded to make a date with someone else on Saturday (they aren't exclusive and had been on all of two dates at this point) and all was fine. Then she texts me in a panic on Saturday morning saying that Guy #1 had ditched his parents and wanted to go out that night, WHAT WAS SHE GONNA DO??? OH MY GAWD!


While we were talking about solutions, I ended up asking her what he actually said to her so that we could figure out how to respond. The text that caused all the drama? "What are you up to tonight?"

She took that rather innocuous text to mean, "He's ditching his parents [who flew in from another fucking state for just that weekend to see and stay with their son] and wants to hang out with me."


She proceeded to FREAK THE FUCK OUT and try to figure out how she was gonna "juggle" so many (2) guys. I told her that he was literally just asking what she was doing to be polite because he's a nice fella.

She texted him in a panic saying that she was sorry but she couldn't hang out that night and guess what? He responded, totally confused, that he wasn't asking her out. He was bored with his parents and just wanted to know what was going on in her life. He thought he'd made it clear that he was stuck with his parents all weekend. She'd blown up a quick, 'What are you up to?' text into 'He's ditching his parents to hang out with meeeeee! He's so obsessed with me!' (Actual words)


The only way I've found to attempt to correct this behavior is to call her on her shit whenever she pulls this crap. But it's wearing thin.

I don't really know what to do, I'm just bitching about it because I'm a bit drunk and pissed that I have to work a night shoot in a few days.


And for those who are curious, Ginger Beard didn't say anything back, thank goodness. Avoiding unnecessary drama is the best.

EDITED: Added more detail about the situation that makes it more clear why I'm annoyed.

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