My friends led me to this YouTuber, Gloria Shuvi Nava, who’s most known (amongst my friends at least) for fake make-up tutorials

But all that fun stuff aside, recently, she just did an amazing video about why calling a relationship with people of differing weights a “mixed-weight” relationship is bullshit.

Basically to summarize the video:

-She talks a little about her struggles with weight loss, and how her husband is so supportive no matter what she does.

-How people assume that her husband has low self-esteem.

-How the fat person must somehow be taken advantage of.

-That her husband is going to leave her if she loses weight.

-Referring to the relationship as “mixed-weight” is bullshit, because it implies that their relationship is somehow not normal.


-Her response to “how do fat people have sex?” Well first you get a crane, like normal people do...

So check her out! She’s pretty great!