I finally drove back home from my parents' place yesterday. After nearly 8 hours in the car, the first thing I did was open my swap gift. Because, duh.


In my email, I mentioned that my husband and I collect thing with squirrels on them. I didn't explain why, but some of you may remember that time when Tig Notaro almost played a show in our squirrel-themed basement bar. THIS IS SO PERFECT FOR THE BAR! Mr. Peachy and I both freaked out about this.


And that's not all! I also got a stack of amazing looking recipes (I especially can't wait to try the apple cider caramels and coconut cake!), a dinosaur keychain, a dinosaur mug, and dinosaur fossil cookie cutters. I am pretty excited that I can now make 3-D alive dinosaur cookies and 2-D dead dinosaur cookies. SO MANY DINOSAUR COOKIES! You guys don't understand how much I love cookies and dinosaurs. IT IS A LOT.


Thanks alter_ego! And thanks again to MaryTylerGore and Studio L for organizing! You guys are awesome!