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My grandma was a BAMF

Today, my mom showed me her parents' driver's licenses from Iran (where we're from), which she found while cleaning some boxes out. This got me thinking about my maternal grandparents, who (whom?) I've never met because they died before I was born (another instance of FUCK CANCER/DISEASE). My grandparents were awesome from what I know. My grandma, in particular, was a badass lady. For instance, my mom tells me that she was a feminist. But I think what's coolest about my grandma is the fact that she was a professor of physics. She was a scholar in a field that not many women were in (and still aren't in!). There's just something about that that makes me feel really proud. I studied science in undergrad, although physics is nowhere near my capacity of understanding, and I'm hoping to go into the health/medical field. If my grandma was around, I hope she would be proud of me.


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