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Braggin on my good-lookin grandparents:

Inspired by AcidMartini's grandparents post, imma put mine!

These are my mom's folks (The baby is either my mom or her older sister). My grandparents met when my grandpa was serving the military in Okinawa. They moved to the States when my mom was about 2. Yesterday, the 11th, was also my mom's birthday!:


Next is my dad's parents. Grandpa is the dude in the middle with glasses, grandma is the lovely lady in the bottom left corner. My dad's parents weren't in the military-Grandpa came here illegally from Mexico and worked on the railroad all the live-long day, Grandma was a maid- but whatever. They're still awesome:

Hooray for service people! Hooray for old-timey photos!

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