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My grandpa's surgery

Hey y’all, here’s an update on my grandpa’s heart procedure. He went in and had the surgery this morning and is in recovery now. I took a half day off work and spent it at the hospital with him and my mom. The doctors said that everything went perfectly smoothly, and he should be going home tomorrow. By the time I left he was sitting upright, fully alert, talking normally with us and eating, and his nurses said he’d go on a walk around the floor later tonight.

It was a laparoscopic heart valve replacement. He’s 85, but in excellent health other than the issues he’s had related to his heart, which just surfaced this past year. He exercises a lot, eats well, and stays mentally engaged with reading and talking to friends. One of the nurses asked him about one of his army tattoos while they were checking his incision sites, and he winked and said “it’s a relic of my long ago youth.” Then they asked him his name and birthdate to make sure he was fully aware and he said “hmmmmm...I can’t remember...” before he winked again and said “(Grandpa Natface), (such and such date) in 1932.”


They are monitoring him overnight to make sure he doesn’t have any irregular heart beats. If he’s all clear, he’ll go home with my mom tomorrow. If he has any arrhythmia, they’ll install a pacemaker tomorrow, but his surgeons are confident that he’ll be golden and ready for discharge tomorrow.

My mom is taking a week off work to stay at home with him full time and help him as he heals, but the recovery time with this kind of procedure is supposed to be pretty brief and easy. Here’s to hoping he’s feeling markedly better soon. I’m off on Friday so I’ll be going down there to visit and check on him. It is a big relief overall- i’ve been a nervous wreck about this but it was really good to see him up and talking, with normal color in his face and an appetite.


In other news, my aunt, (his youngest daughter) is acting like a selfish asshole about this, per usual, and laying the mantle completely on my mother to handle things. My mom works two jobs, my aunt has a part time job that she calls into constantly because she’s tired or doesn’t feel like going in, so my uncle works 90 hours a week to pull the weight. Same lady who I’ve written about here before- narcissistic, violent mood swings, verbally abusive, her kids want nothing to do with her, she refuses to get help. It’s not like I was actually fully expecting her to behave in any kind of a healthy adult way about this, but still. It’s a cold slap in the face to see her shirk all responsibility when her elderly father is having fucking heart surgery, especially when she behaves as if he is her hero, the only person who matters, because she’s his youngest child. Ugh. My mom had been with him at the hospital since 6am and was going to go home and rest at 6pm, when my aunt was scheduled to show up. My aunt just decided that she was tired and didn’t want to make the 30 minute drive. Upon hearing this, I was ready to drive that 30 minutes to her just to scream at her because, seriously? For christ’s sake.

Anyway. I’m off to pour a glass of wine and breathe some heavy sighs of relief.

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