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Hello GT-ers! With my newfound authoring abilities, I have decided to share something I found recently but that you may have heard of before. Apparently it was featured on Gizmodo, but I found it on Twitter and follow it there.

Google Poetics is when google makes poetry from the most commonly searched terms affiliated with the beginning of different phrases: "I want to," "What is this", etc. I like the form of the poems (especially the short ones that appear on twitter), and I also love some of the random things that appear to be commonly searched.

Here are some that I like from the last couple days!


You can follow them on twitter @GooglePoetics and it's also available in different languages.

Also just an administrative note, I am starting vacation (yay!) today - I am currently in an airport lounge - so if I am slow responding, it is because I have jumped in a lake (literally) and there is only shady internet connection.

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