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My Hair Is At An Awkward Stage

*Could someone on "The Salad Bowl" share this post there please?*

I have 4c kinky hair. It is currently around two inches long (I haven't straightened it at all, so this is the kinky length). I last cut it around October of last year, before heading to Louisiana for my grandfather's funeral. Since it's been growing out, I literally have no idea what the hell to do with it.

I tried two strand twist outs, and I feel like an idiot wearing them. So now, basically the only styles I have are afros and. . . nope, just afros. It doesn't help that I really have no idea how to deal with natural hair.


I want to grow my hair out, but at this point, I'm so fed up with it that I'm about to chop it all off again.

In exchange for you guys helping me, please enjoy this cute video:

ETA: oh look, I found someone who is also being slowly driven insane by her natural hair. Yay:

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