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Excuse the absolute exhaustion going on in that picture.

So 3 years ago, "the incident" occurred. Basically, uh..I was. Blonde. Yeah. That happened.


And it destroyed my hair which was naturally like the above picture. My hair was so dead that when I washed it, it would dry pin straight. Oh the irony, because for years I longed for straight hair. LONGED. And then I got it and hated it and was miserable (not for the straightness, per se, but for the damage). On top of that, my hair was FUCKING BLONDE so I had to spend quite a bit of time (about 2 years) constantly dying it back to brown/auburn because I do NOT make a good blonde. Finally the color got itself fixed as my hair grew out, but it was still pretty dead. I saw it changing, where the top half of my hair was wavy (see above) and the bottom half would lie there flat. *Sigh.

I cut my hair about...3 weeks ago? And with that cut went the last inch of destroyed hair. I've been afraid to let my hair air-dry because of the damn PTSD I had, until today, that is.


It's just so big and poufy and curly!! And my septum ring is crooked! Because it's always crooked!


But it's also frizzy. My hair as always been frizzy. To be honest, I'm so happy I don't even really give a shit, but I know I will in about a week. SO. Products?

I know this is the second wavy/curly hair post today, so I apologize. But I needz halp.


First off, how my hair is. There's obviously a lot of it, but the individual strands are medium/fine (not coarse at all). It's also not particularly porous. It dries out easily but also gets oily easily. I can usually get away with washing it every 3 days, but by the 3rd day it's quite greasy, so I tend to do every other day. I finally stopped fucking brushing it, and have just been using a wide tooth comb (while my conditioner is in and once I get out of the shower) which is definitely helping. But I do twist it up in a towel when I get out of the shower, which is probably a bad idea.

Second, things I currently use/have used in the past. I wash it with some basic Pantene shampoo for thick hair, and use this conditioner:


I need a thick conditioner otherwise my hair gets too dry. That's the only product I can use that can basically be wax and my hair will be fine, so if anyone has better conditioner suggestions, throw them out there! I like this one enough, but it isn't thick enough for my liking. I used to use the deep conditioner of the same line as a daily conditioner, which was great, but the Rite Aid by me ran out so I got this instead.

I've never gotten along with leave-in conditioners as they tend to make my hair really heavy and greasy. Recently my sister gave me this:


Which I'm loving. I have to be careful with oils cuz, once again, the thicker it is, the greasier my hair gets. The John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum, for example, basically sits on top of my hair and makes it feel/look absolutely gross. I have not found an anti-frizz serum that didn't do this to my hair, but this oil is working well so far.

Other than that, I got nothing. I really don't like having crunchy hair so I'd prefer to stay away from gels or mousses. My mom has thick, coarse, straight hair and my sister has fine, thin, straight hair, so no one has ever known what to do with mine. I got this massive mane from my dad's side, who are Southern Italian/Sicilian, so their hair is closer to mine but significantly coarser. So all the products they use are too heavy for my hair.


Side note, I rolled into Prince Fluffybutt's tonight with all that going on and he proceeded to get really excited. "Oh my god, it's SO BIG. It's so soft! Oh my god, it's LIKE A PILLOW!" and then nuzzled my hair for about 20 minutes.

Love you guise! Thanks in advance for all the awesome advice you're going to give me!!!


OH, completely unrelated side note. Today while cleaning out my Grandma's house, my mom and I found this:


I almost puked from laughing so hard. My sister already claimed it as her own. My grandparents were horndogs. Oh Grandpa, you sly dog! I mean, they did have 5 kids... ;)

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