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Welcome To The Bitchery

I went for a haircut today. Never go on Sundays.

I got there my mother parked the car there are 0 shops in this tiny plaza except for a cell phone store and two fast food places. She stayed in the car and read.


I went in and two women were cutting hair. I gave my phone number since I am in their system. Then a woman wrote my name.

I sat and waited 30 minutes. It was me and three men waiting.

I waited until my name was called by the woman about age 40 to cut my hair. She led me to her booth and I sat and removed my glasses. I said “hi”. She said “oh according to the computer you take this electric razor length”. Not having a clue what she was talking about I said “yes”.


She said “honey I am going to have to use a different length”.

I said “ok” and thought “why is she calling me honey? I do not know her”

So about five minutes later she said “honey I am going to do your neck”.

I thought the same thing as above.

Finally two minutes later she said “sweetie you are done”.

I really felt uncomfortable. I thought “maybe she is just friendly”, “I am not her boyfriend so I really do not like these words of intimacy used on me”, “is she trying to create illusion of hair cutting as intimacy? I find hygenist visits more intimate with their hands in my mouth but would not want them to use honey or sweetie. It would be utterly unprofessional of them”.


Or are my thoughts wrong? Am I wrong thinking these are words of intimacy and in romantic setting? I was utterly put off by this. I assume she thought she was being friendly. Yet she called me over using my name which I gave. I expect that’s the name she will use. Maybe it me whenever a person says their name that’s the name I call them. If a person says their name is Elizabeth well that’s what I will call you not Liz, Beth or Lizzie until you say otherwise. Or Michael not Mike until you say otherwise. Its politeness and respectful.

Your thoughts? I said nothing to her and am amazed when learning how to haircut they are not told to call people by their given name except if they are really regular to you and you know they would not object.


Or too judgy. I did say nothing. I did give her a three dollar tip, haircut was fifteen dollars.

I just believe when a person gives their name its just politeness and respectful to use that name until they say otherwise. Simple rule. I could be wrong.


Yes I know do not apply your rules to others. Its life. I get it. Still I just felt uncomfortable.

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