and also I don't own enough vests or any sweater vests at all and it's cold today.

Actually, the head and tooth pain have abated, thank God. I've been suffering with this toothache off and on for a while now, but I'm terrified of going to the dentist. Not because I'm scared of dental work but a) I hate putting myself into positions where I know I will be judged harshly and b)it's like when you don't take the car into the shop because you know it's going to be something you can't afford to get fixed (am I the only one who does this? Yes, I realize it is a very stupid attitude to take). Incidentally, why are teeth not "health." You know, like the kind of thing that would be , I don't know, insured without paying for extra insurance? Why are my teeth treated differently than any other part of my body? I could go to a less-than-wholely-ethical doc right now, say, Oh gee, my willy is wonky! and get prescribed boner pills and just pay co-pay, but I can't get my fucking tooth taken care of without going into crippling debt.

And the headache: I woke up this morning with an awful hangover. WITHOUT HAVING HAD ANY ALCOHOL THE PREVIOUS NIGHT. It's like getting the punishment with none of the joy of commiting the crime. Anybody else ever have this? A former classmate of mine posted about something like this being a sugar-hangover.

The rat died sometime this past week. We heard one of the three traps in the attic go off. I go upstairs to check (incidentally, removing dead rats from the attic is less pleasurable than it sounds like it would be). Traps one and two were unsprung and empty. Trap three was.... gone. So apparently, this was some sort of mega-rat (or possibly a racoon or squirrel) who took the bait, got trapped, and then ran off with the trap, and has now died somewhere in the walls. Terminix is supposed to be coming over tomorrow to try to remove the dearly departed. Fuck.

To cheer me up, what's an almost-great song that would be improved with a minor change? Mine is "Welcome to the Black Parade," which would be better without the key change near the end.