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TW: White lady talking about racism, #whitefeministrants

I'm with a bunch of friends right now. ALL. WHITE. ALL (except me) STRAIGHT. The men in the room are talking about how race doesn't *really* matter, class is what matters, our experiences are what we make of them.

Thankfully, the women on my room (the people here I'm close with) are smacking their shit down. My best friend is the only white person at her DC public school (teacher or student), and is sharing the stories her students have told her (really telling what she's heard, because there are NO PEOPLE OF COLOR IN THIS ROOM AND WE ARE IN DC AND TALKING ABOUT RACE AND WHYYYY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY SHUT UP).


I'll probably delete this, because I DO know that I should be listening to stories about racism and not sharing my white lady defending people of color stories, but I'm just furious right now. I'm SO ANGRY. I'm SO angry. And having yelled at everyone in this room to the point that no one will listen to me anymore and I have alienated myself from my friends and I now have to go make new friends.

This post will self destruct in ten minutes.

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