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My Head is About to Explode, or Help Me Not Kill My Husband : Updated, with Extra Chutzpah!

About a year ago we settled a case for a client for not a lot of money. We put in a lot more work than we were paid for. We paid the expenses, too. The defendant was a drugstore which dispensed a drug in a dramatically wrong dosage and it made a young man very sick, but he recovered.

We gave them their share of the money, and kept our share.

Now I get an email from my husband. Apparently while the case was pending, the client took out a "loan" from a company against any recovery they might receive. My husband signed that we would deduct the repayment out of the proceeds before paying the client, putting us on the hook. Apparently, he "forgot." The amount owed increased dramatically over time. What is owed now is $17,000, about twice as much as would have been owed if it had been paid when the case settled. Which we don't have to spare. Which should have been paid by the client, who no way has that money, because they were broker than broke to start with. And legally, we are on the hook.



This is the kind of shit that eats my insides out and he's becoming more careless every day. He needs to stop working. He's not that old but he's lost his focus. He's making stupid mistakes. I want to scream. And if I try to talk to him about it, he'll just shout at me, "I FUCKED UP, OKAY?" as if that makes it better.

I hate this.

UPDATE: He finished his deposition, and I went into his office to talk to him. His response: "We fucked up." WE??


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