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My heart melted.

I feel like rambling because I got stood up for a drinking day by a friend. Yay.

So I have a really cute and sweet FWB. He apologized for something absolutely silly and honestly didn't even need to, but he also bought me roses. I'm trying so hard not to swoon because it's the first time I've gotten roses in so long, but that is the ONE thing that really makes my heart melt. Oh, and his smile. and the fact that I have for the first time in my life had an orgasm from someone that isn't myself! The dude knows what he's doing. I feel like feelings are bad because I know he's not looking for anything serious and he just got out of a super serious relationship.. GAH. When will I meet someone who is ready for something a little serious?

I did go on another date this week though with a fella that grew up in my hometown. It was amazing actually, but he's best friends with my high school nemesis. I am hoping to hear back from him but this idiot will probably make me out to be the worst person ever and I'm hoping he can really act his own age and make his own decisions because I really want to see him again!


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