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My heart strings...

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There are a lot of wandering neighborhood cats around here. We have French doors off the dining room that go to the back yard and we always see them running through because the gate has a gap big enough for cats, but not any dogs that chase them. Usually the cats are very skittish and spaz and run if we make eye contact. This morning at breakfast, the 2yo sees a cat out the door and goes over to see it. It sits and meows as if it's expecting to be let in. The kids kind of played with it through the glass for a bit, then I opened the door to give it (now I see him) head skritches. He tries to snuggle his way in. An hour later, leaving for the library, I call out from the front driveway and he comes jogging around the side of the house for more skritches. I had to run back in the house to grab something and he let himself in. No qualms about being carried back out though. After dinner tonight, he came back again! I let him in, he's kind of small and thin, but not emaciated. We gave him some pieces of chicken, he checked out the house a bit, then curled up and napped until I put him back out at 9. He was hanging out on the back stoop for a while, but I checked a few minutes ago and he was gone. He was so sweet and not scared of the kids at all. Here's my question, GT: how do I talk my landlords into letting us keep him? Even if he has another home, I would let him use us as a vacation spot. And get him fixed. There are far too many cat balls running around as it is. Our lease says no pets unless agreed to by both parties so it's not entirely out of the question, but it was no pets when we moved in. We're good tenants though and we just renewed for another year. Let us have the kitty! He's so sweet, just look at him!
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UPDATE: I just checked outside and he was huddled on the back patio. I let him in because it's chilly and he's curled up and purring on the bed with me.

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