I make perfect* rice, every time, without a rice cooker. Yup. Be amazed.

What's yours?

*Slightly sticky because fluffy individual grains are for people who like rice falling off of their fork, and I'm not down with that. The trick is that I dump cheap white rice, water and salt together in a saucepan per the usual proportion of 1/2c rice to 1cup water to "salt," cover, turn on high and set the timer for 20 minutes, then wander away until someone (usually me) says "FUCK, the rice is boiling over!!" because the pan is now boiling over with a sticky residue that would be easy to clean off tonight, but a fucking bitch tomorrow. No matter, in fact, maybe crucial. At this point, turn the burner down to low and wait for the timer to go off. "Fluff" with a fork if you wish, but you're going to have perfect, slightly sticky rice even without fluffery.