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Saw that at a hotel the other day and had a good chuckle.
It’s been two months since I moved and today I finally conquered the bedroom aka the last bastion of Random Moving Boxes. Looked through all, some of the few books inside got a place on my shelves, everything else got sorted, I was able to rip apart or put away empty boxes, the rest’ll go the basement route.
There are still some works to do, the kitchen is also work in progress, but at least the only random stuff there is paper and cardboard I have to take to the paper bank.
Now it’s all cosmetics, maybe another small Kallax for the living room, maybe some colorful cushions for the couch (which is still the best new investment I did for the apartment, I’m practically living on it), maybe some loudspeakers to replace the crappy tiny one.
How is it with your four walls?


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