I am basing this on my long held prenise that Trump ran to lose and to profit by it in long run. His plan blew up in his face. He became President.

We never had a president candidate who really had no intention of winning. Any other candidate would have been demolished with late night tweets, throwing people out of rallies, racist comments etc.

Obviously he is a racist and misogynist based on Access Hollywood and Howard Stern’s show alone.

Yet I wonder at times how much of this is playing to an audience. An audience that will be quite profitable.

He is now President elect. Will he have a Beckett moment and realize the seriousness of what he won. Is there a chance his positions he had for most of his life single payer, prochoice, prolgbt are his real positions. None of these positions are as profitable as being anti(fill in the blank). We know in recent history conservative to far right talk radio is profitable while liberal is not.


Also he fought far harder against republican establishment then democratic establishment. As others pointed out he ran to the left of Hillary on trade and military intervention. On infrastructure he is more in line with democrats then republicans.

If he stuck with trade, military intervention and infrastructure and those are his true beliefs I do not think he would be that bad.


Now his social policies. I suspect those voted for him in the rust belt ie Oh, PA, WI and MI most are center left and voted on trade and economic issues. Trump on one day said he would not defund Planned Parenthood later said the opposite. Also jailing women who have abortions he is all over the map on that. Yet I keep wondering if he said about jailing women was said because he was in an audience.

This is the major problem. A person who plays to audiences will say stuff for an audience not what they believe. Or do they believe it. I do not know. Politicans yes play to audiences but have core beliefs. Did Trump play a role for the audience to play the audience or are they true beliefs.


In a one on one audience he said he would not defund PP. Yet with audiences he says the opposite.

He also says some pretty horrible things in one on one interviews too.

There are somethings he has said consistantly that give me hope “not letting people die on the streets” and “protecting and strengthening social security”. Along with trade, intervention amd infrastructure.


Yet its clear he is racist, holds grudges and misogynistic. Three things disqualifying him from the presidency.

Yet he will be our president. I am trying to figure out what does he believe in. How much is done for sake of making money and playing on an audience. He clearly feeds off audience approval.


I am pinning my hope he will be a modern day Beckett who will get the seriousness of this. I am hoping he sticks with trade, infrasctructure and intervention as his three major themes. On immigration I hope that what he said to audiences was just the basis of making a profit post election. I suspect we will have immigration reform, with McConnell essentially saying no to the wall, it will be some kind of compromise leaning towards Republican establishment, probably whatever Chamber of Commerce wants.

Social issues are the wild cards. Are his beliefs he held before he ran his true beliefs or are his beliefs what he ran on. Its clear he is not a religious man. So his social issues beliefs are not religiously based.


This is the major problem with Trump his running as a republican was clearly profit motive based. He was a democrat for decades. Yet he picked an alt right person to be CEO for his campaign, although if you are running to lose and make a profit Bannion would be a good choice. Running to win no.

Yes a lot is rationalization but his running to not win and make a profit makes me wonder what he really believes politically. How moderate or altright is he. I cannot fathom a person going from fairly moderate to altright so quickly unless there was a profit motive. He is president that motive is gone. We are stuck with a man who I do not thinks ever wanted to be president. Even his “rigging” argument was setting himself to lose but to say “well maybe I didn’t” thus increasing profits.


Or I am deluding myself.