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I've lived in my 60 year old house for almost three years now. Aside from occasional moments where you feel like someone is standing right behind you in the upstairs hallway and an occasional errant thump not explained by the dogs, it's pretty normal.

Then we had the baby, and I am telling you that I'm not sure I believe in ghosts but it really feels like something is trying to convince me they're real.

1. The other night I was feeding and rocking Little Tyrant. The lights were off except for his night light. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow, and so does Little Tyrant—his eyes track something in the corner of the room. He also occasionally looks over my shoulder and smiles at...the wall? I don't know. This has happened mid-tantrum.


2. Two days ago my husband and I were preparing to leave and I ran upstairs to shut the door to the nursery because the dogs have already gotten in there twice and eaten two of Little Tyrant's toys. I struggled to shut the door, however, because it felt like there was something in the way (like it was caught on carpeting, except we have hardwood floors). Then the door knob lightly popped out of my hands like someone was pulling on it from the other side.

3. Last night I'm scrubbing the mother of all dirty pots and wishing I could see better—lighting isn't so great in my house, and the light above the sink has never worked in the three years we've lived there. IT SUDDENLY TURNED ON. I calmly walked out of the room, informed my husband that we have a ghost. He said that it's probably bad wiring; however, when I looked at the switch for that light it was switched as if someone had turned it on. I didn't, and my husband didn't, and Little Tyrant hasn't mastered the use of his hands yet. Later that night it was switched off and not by any of us.

4. The dog roamed upstairs this afternoon and suddenly tore down the steps like a bat out of hell. I do not know what spooked him.

Individually these are all easily explained. Collectively and I'm like


Unfortunately MrAquitaine has returned to work and now I'm here with Little Tyrant and two cowardly pit bulls for protection. Lord have mercy.

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