Ok. So years ago I used to make people Christmas lasagnas instead of christmas cookies. I think that’s the biggest reason my friends and neighbors in California were bummed when we moved to the Chicago area over a decade ago. JK

Tomorrow morning I am making my awesome, normal lasagna to take to my sister’s house and a vegan lasagna. My sister is a vegetarian and one of my daughters is lactose intolerant and a vegetarian.

Husband and I are sitting at a bar where we’re close friends with the bartender. Behind the bar is a disposable, foil, loaf pan. Husband suggested we pick up some loaf pans and drop off loaf pan sized lasagnas for our friend and his coworkers. (I bought double the Italian sausage I needed at the Italian deli because I blanked on the recipe) It will be perfect!

(Our friend loves my cooking)

ETA husband already knows he has to help since I hurt my hand at work today.

ETA2 This is the ice pack my friend just made when he saw how swollen my hand is.