OK, so we've been trying to come up with a name for our son and we keep butting heads. He wanted a botanical name and I wanted a Scandinavian name. Strangely enough, this is also the theme on our cats' names. He has a cat with a botanical name, mine is Scandinavian.

This is where it gets silly. I joked we could name the child after my cat and he got REALLY pissed off. My cat is an asshole to him and really only loves me. Then yesterday, he said he really liked the name...oh, let's say it's Basil. This is the name of his cat. He says "This is a good name!" like it's totally normal to have a child and pet with the exact same name.

I lost it and couldn't stop laughing. I think his feelings may have been hurt. He was drunk.

Now, I get that he likes the name, that's why his cat has it. He also LOVES THE SHIT OUT OF THAT CAT, and the cat loves him. Whenever he goes away for the weekend or for a few weeks for his active duty time the cat just howls sadly and builds nests out of my husband's dirty underwear and undershirts. I think it's gross but I know the cat finds comfort in his people's scent and whatever, it's a cat nest.


Naming a person after a loved pet isn't....that weird, especially if it's a name that can work on people but this cat is still alive and will be until the child is like, 10 or something. You guys, I can't stop giggling at how silly this is. I love my silly husband but we're not having a child and a cat with the same name.