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My husband is the best

He really is. The other night we were watching Julie and Julia on Bravo and this cheerio commercial came on. The one with the little boy waiting up late for his dad to get off work so he could eat breakfast with him. I started to cry hysterically for like 10 minutes. I told him to complain to the Cheerio company.

This is what he wrote:

Hello, I just have some feedback over a recent Cheerio commercial that caused my wife to turn into an emotional wreck...it was along the lines of when she was pregnant and crying at just about any Hallmark commercial that came around... anyway, it was the commercial where at the end, the little kid is "up late" and then he looks at his dad who is working the late shift and the kid is like: "I just wanted to have breakfast with you". I guess I should have prefaced all this with mentioning that my wife doesn't have that great of a relationship with her dad and she really loves to see good family relationship dynamics; so this commercial hit her in a way that made her cry hysterically which made Saturday night at the Charles house pretty mentionable. Our daughter was fast asleep and I was three beers in...I guess I don't want to complain or anything, but just let you know that the commercial really did it's job. I think it's also worth mentioning that we are normally a knock-off brand "toastie-o's" family (my wife does the shopping) but she said that she is now a cheerio customer. Kudos to the marketing and advert teams for the customer conversion. I apologize if the majority of this comment doesn't make too much sense...I'm just happy to have real cheerios in the future!


They responded back with offering to send us a coupon for a free box of cheerios.

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