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My husband lives in a hole and has somehow never heard anything about the plot or story of Fifty Shades of Grey.

... so we’re watching it right now. He looked up the rules for a few Shades drinking games, but they’re all poorly thought out and emphasize lip-biting, goddess mentioning, and phallic symbols. We’re about ten minutes into this shitfest and he’s still enthusiastically drinking at every single one.

Then she asked, “Christian, are you going to make love to me?” and he answers, “I don’t make love, I fuck. Hard.”

The hubs’ look of total surprise/hysteria/dismay cannot be captured by words. His response: “It’s going to be a long night, huh?”


Updated: That ended abruptly. I thought there was a bit more story? Maybe I’m confused. FluterDude’s reaction: “That’s it? Nothing fucking happened! Some fucking happened ...? But nothing ... did she sign the thing? What the fuck?!?”

Several moments later, squinting at the credits. “That guy’s name is Graham Stumpfe.”

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