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My husband lost his job, and now my car won't start

Four weeks ago, Beau lost his job.

Five weeks ago, my grandmother died.

While we have my meager but helpful salary and our ample emergency savings, we don't have the money to fly out for the memorial service in a few weeks.


And now my car won't start.

I drive an old car. Beau fixed a 2001 Malibu for me when my 2001 Ford Focus died two years ago. It was very sweet and very romantic. We weren't engaged yet, and I wouldn't let him buy me a new car.

We knew the car wouldn't last forever. We had hoped it would last us until this spring. When Beau lost his job, we were especially glad that we didn't have a second car loan to worry about.

I'm supposed to drive two hours out-of-town for the weekend so I can road trip with my best friend to her hometown bridal shower. I'm supposed to drive two hours out-of-town next weekend to fly with my best friend to her bachelorette party. So now my options are for my husband to drive me, to rent a car we can't afford, or to skip the bridal shower this weekend. Next weekend would be enough notice to borrow a car from my in-laws, but I don't know what to do about next weekend.


And after these immediate weekends, then what? I need to relearn how to drive a stick shift so I can drive Beau's cars.* I'm lucky that we live within walking distance of a few necessities, like Kroger. Also, since I work from home, I don't need to go out during the day. Plus most of what we do, we do together, so sharing one car for 3-4 months will be okay.

Oh, and how did I find out my car doesn't work? I was supposed to have cavities filled this afternoon. Luckily I was able to reschedule, but I hate canceling on such short notice. Why couldn't Beau drive me? He's volunteering with Habitat for Humanity (because he's being awesome and busy during unemployment), and he doesn't have a working cell phone yet. He's had the worst trouble getting a phone to work. He's on his third used phone. So I can't get in touch with him when I really need him, like today.


While I'm complaining, I might as well add that I love my in-laws, and I know they're just trying to be extra-supportive of Beau right now, but they're driving me crazy. I got roped into a last-minute birthday dinner for Beau's oldest brother Tuesday night. It would have been okay if we'd had some advance notice, but they invited us the day of. So once again I didn't get enough sleep because we had to drive half an hour out there, have a long dinner, and drive half an hour back when I had stuff to do. And it's not like I can say no because then I'm forced into the stereotypical role of the demanding wife or the ungrateful daughter-in-law. This is after they had visited for over an hour Monday night when I was still working (although I was working late that night). And after they had visited for over an hour last week in the middle of my work day.

So. That's my life. I'm just really stressed out right now.

*Yes, Beau has two cars, but the second is a Miata which is in storage for the winter. Since we're probably moving South around February, we can drive it year-round then, and we'll be fine with the two cars.

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