He just texted me to ask if we wanted a second dog. Besides the dog we already have there are also three cats, a tortoise, a python, and a hamster. Another dog is nuts, right? I mean, it's a dachshund mix, so it would probably be kinda small. And our dog would love a friend. But the cats might kill us. But the poor little thing was found sitting by his coworker's mailbox, 8 weeks old, scared and alone and they can't take it in. Is it ridiculous to even consider this? Or is this a little bundle of love being dropped on us by the universe?

ETA: Alright, it looks like we're going for it. I still want to run the idea by Little since we'll be expecting her to do her share of puppy care, but unless she's totally against it, we're in. LordSparrow just let his coworker know he'll likely be coming to pick the little guy up after work tonight. Luckily we still have almost a whole pack of puppy training pads in the garage!