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My husband taught feminist theory!

I'm so proud. We both teach the same "grade". He's teaching an introduction to critical theories to 17-18 year-olds and he chose feminism/gender studies. He has a class of girls and apparently, they were super interested, responsive and had epiphanies all over the place. He even talked to them about 3rd wave feminism (it wasn't in the theoretical article he made them read) and how it focused on choice, even if he didn't talk to them about how it also tries to focus on intersectionnalism because he didn't remember that.

I have different feelings about this :

1. I'm super happy and proud of my husband. He understands my extreme hyperboles when I look at a flour ad starring a lovely blond couple (I say : is this a flour ad or a KKK spot? - he gets the joke and doesn't tone police me). In response to the off-voice in the ad for the blue-cross, the one that asks why all the members of a family where everyone got injured in the last week were smiling, he even answers, deadpannly : white privilege? We don't think exactly alike, he doesn't identify as feminist, but he still judges people when they don't recognize their privilege. He looked pretty happy about his class too, like any teacher that had responsive students.


2. I'm a bit sad about the time I taught feminist theory and gender studies in a litt class. I had a group with a third of boys, the girls looked super interested but the boys were disgruntled and even questionned the relevance of teaching the theory to boys - evidently, I argued and all. But the girls just didn't express much despite their obvious interest and I think it's because of the internalized oppression and thinking back on that, well, I thought it sucked that I couldn't make my own class a safe space.

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