Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My husband's out of town for a week... I'm so excited.

(Second Home Alone gif in a row, but oh so appropriate)

I love him. I do. I love being around him. But since we've been together, we haven't been apart more than a couple days. Before I met him, I was single for 3-4 years, travelling around the world and RELISHING in my free time. And for realsies... I miss it.


I know he feels the same way as well. And we've totally talked about the fact that we both need a significant amount of alone time in order to be happy. But we've also been moving a lot (like to various cities around the continent, with no one we know) since we've been together, so not a lot of separate friends, or even friends for that matter. So we basically spend all our time together (and most nights I'm too tired to go out). He's off working on the house we bought (to rent out to vacationers) and I'm home alone for the WHOLE week!!!

I'm going to:

Watch the rest of Orange is the New Black.

Eat my dinner on the couch and spread out on the WHOLE couch.

Play Candy Crush to my hearts content.

Drink margaritas every night.

Poop with the door open.

Go for quiet walks alone in our neighborhood.

(I can totally do these things when he's around, but ahhhh, there is something about being alone that is so lovely, especially the pooping part)

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