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My immune system hates me TW health things

So, my health has gone downhill (not in a life threatening way, but it's really messing with my quality of life at the moment).

It all started when I got a "flu like virus" symptoms in November. Then again in December, several times that month and the next.

At this point I have weird face redness/acne, rash on my knuckles, a yeast infection that won't go away despite a round of both Monistat and Diflucan, and also oral yeast.


In my desperation, I've started taken a bunch of vitamins and supplements (my grandpa was a preventive medicine doctor, and came up with this particular combo, which my dad swears by)...but it will take a bit for them to take effect. I'm also going to the doctor again this week to see if maybe we missed something.

As a result I can neither have a sex life OR ride the bike that I JUST bought! Argh.

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