It's 5:53am and I'm a bit hungover, and have a lot of shit to do.

Now I'm in charge of a "party".

I wasn't even going to watch The Oscars this year. Now I am...and I'm not a happy camper.

Last night I got a text from my BFF asking if she could watch The Oscars at my place. Basically, I love her to death, and was a bit buzzed, and said "Hell yeah!". Then I remembered that I have to now get food, maybe some champagne, and probably work through the show.

All this bullshit schoolwork.

I hold no resentment towards my friend. I always jump at the chance to see her. I The Oscars. I can't get into it anymore.


She'll understand if I'm half watching. I hope.

Unrelated, but just got a one-ring call from my other BFF. Worried because I'm irrational and prepared to drive anywhere to bail her out if she's in trouble.


Love them so much. The Oscars-only for J. Law and that's about it.