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The inside of my bottom lip is swollen...

because I had to bite it to stop myself from bursting out laughing in the middle of my class.

It's an art history class (Western art since 1940), but the professor (who I've had twice before) tends to go off on tangents. Very long tangents. That often have nothing to do with what he's teaching. He began talking about how, driving around campus today, he had noticed that most of the guys were wearing long surfer shorts and he had come up with a theory about this. Somehow, once he got going, before we got to his theory the subject matter changed to the concept of conspicuous consumption, to the advent of the credit card in America and 20th century American economics, to advertising, to the consumption of images in our culture (which included him talking about Tom Cruise's leather jacket in Top Gun), and finally back to the shorts. (His point about those had to do with why so many young men are obsessed with working out and having "cut" bodies, yet they cover up two thirds of their bodies, and he said he thinks it's more about having a sort of "armor" than being sexually attractive. But he put it much better than that.)

Anyway, at some point I just thought, "this all started out with surf shorts," and I wanted to laugh out loud but I knew if I started I wouldn't be able to stop. It was one of those things where something isn't all that funny, but for some reason it strikes you as absolutely hilarious and you can't stop laughing. FOR THE ENTIRE REST OF THE CLASS I KEPT THINKING ABOUT IT AND WANTING TO LAUGH. SURF SHORTS. FUCKING SURF SHORTS.


And because I like having an image, here's one of the works we looked at when we finally got around to talking about art:

It's by Lucio Fontana.

ETA: My grammar in this post is really fail but I'm excusing myself because I had a long day.

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