Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My insane week continued and OT

Hi all! Feel like this is bullet point time.

  • Tipsy again. Thing I was instrumental on getting going made a significant amount of money for an organization this week, so they splurged on good wine with dinner.
  • I’ve ordered a room service meal for the first and second time ever this week, and both times it was one of the best decisions I’ve made all week.
  • I got an award. And then I failed at dressing myself and managed to get my bra all twisted around so that I had to excuse myself to go the bathroom and fix it. (Criss-cross straps mean fewer welts usually.)
  • I danced so hard at a live-music event thingy that several of the 900 people at this week’s event greeted me to mention my dancing the next couple days.
  • I sprained a toe the night after, stubbing it against a chair in my hotel room.
  • Also sang with the live band. Have been complimented on my voice by random strangers. (I’ve never considered myself to have a “soloist quality” voice, but I can hit the right notes on key, and I give it emotion.)
  • I slept through three alarms this morning.
  • This has been my first tornado watch.
  • I have a 7am business breakfast that I’ve promised to be at in the morning. I need to set 4 alarms.
  • I’m glad I over-packed a bit, because I’m so bloated I can’t fit into my trousers.

Going home tomorrow night. So ready to go. So much work to do.

How are you doing?

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