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My internet boyfriend does a good thing for women

Vice President Joe Biden donated $50,000 to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Philadelphia-based Women Against Abuse Tuesday, a month after winning the money at Pennsylvania's biggest annual political gathering.

The Pennsylvania Society during its 115th annual black-tie dinner last month presented Biden with the Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement. The award, which recognizes the leadership and philanthropic accomplishments of prominent figures with Pennsylvania ties, comes with a $50,000 contribution to be directed to charities of the recipient's choice.

Biden responded to the honor with a half-hour acceptance speech during which he referenced his Scranton roots, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"It wasn't just my character that was etched in Pennsylvania. It was my political career," Biden said before pledging to donate the prize money to charities combating domestic violence.

The two selected nonprofits will use the money to increase advocacy and awareness efforts and support intervention for victims of domestic violence, which they described as a public health epidemic that affects one in three women and one in seven men worldwide.

"Vice President Biden has dedicated his career to bringing awareness to domestic violence and ensuring victims and their children receive the resources they need to escape abuse and achieve safety," Women Against Abuse executive director Jeannine Lisitski said in a statement. "And that is the standard Women Against Abuse strives to achieve through its work each day."

Biden has long been a staunch anti-abuse advocate. As a U.S. Senator, he drafted the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, which provides funding for the investigation and prosecution of violent domestic crimes and mandates automatic minimum penalties for those convicted of such offenses. Biden last year led a push for the law's reauthorization, which some conservatives opposed due to the extension of the Act's protections to same-sex couples.

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I know someone involved in the honoring and in domestic violence work in Philly—Biden is the real deal, as far as politics go and advocating for women. Plus when you meet people who know him, you realize that he just is that awesome. Go Joe, you magnificent bastard.


And keep fighting for the Violence Against Women Act, something that shows that the GOP will use anything as a political football.

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